About Me

I run the leading organization devoted to growing the careers of B2B sales executives. The IES is your trusted partner for organizations looking for sales training, speakers, content, training, coaching, programs, and services. I grew the IES an org serving thousands of sales executives and professionals.

We connect the top sales speakers, authors, and trainers in the world, such as Neil Rackham, Tom Snyder, Jill Konrath, and Mark Hunter, to sales leaders to conduct sales workshops for to help selling professionals get more successful. We also help organizations determine the best sales training partner to engage with and run sales training programs for them.

We hold programs for sales teams around the world. The IES Women in Sales program helps female sales professionals grow their careers. Our sales leader programs rock as well.

Many people knew me as a world-class marketing consultant to companies such as Microsoft and Oracle before I started the IES. I helped companies develop vertical, product, and revenue-generating marketing strategies and execution programs for tech and professional services firms.

My motto, “Marketing that doesn’t lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money” demonstrated that it's about accelerating the sales process. “It’s about sales.”

In the past, I had created and implemented marketing and sales programs for big data, cloud computing, cyber security, professional services, software, government contracting, and Internet companies. Our domain expertise included all public sector markets including Federal, State & Local Government, and Education, as well as retail, transportation, and financial services.

People Who Are Important to Me

Below are some people that are very important to me. They are great.

Fred Diamond


This is me in Maryland when the Cherry Blossoms bloom wearing my favorite black sweatshirt.

My Parents

Joan and Herb

They've been with me from day one. Very lucky.

My Three Kids

One of Each

Also taken during cherry blossom time.

More People Who Are Important to Me

Great people make life so much more happier.

My Favorite Aunt and the Love of My Life

My aunt's amazing and I am the luckiest guy around having met the woman on the right.

My Sister and Her Family

Love them all.

Very proud of my niece and nephew.

My Favorite Band

TracyAnne from Camera Obscura

Scottish indie band Camera Obscura is my favorite band.

Next Steps...

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