Here are some interesting things about me that you may or may not know.

Where have you worked?

Great question. I started my career at a division of McGraw-Hill publishing called DataPro analysing data security companies. I was lucky to work at Apple Computer during the John Scully heydays. After Apple laid off everyone in 1993, I went to Compaq's public sector team for a few years. I supported my first wife by moving back to Detroit and did international product marketing for client-server software company Compuware. I moved back to DC to work for two pre-IPO companies that didn't quite make. I've been working for myseld since 2002 and have been growing the IES since 2015.

Where is Fred from and where else has he lived?

Great question. I'm born and bred in Philadelphia. I lived in Atlanta for college and then moved back to Philly for a few years. I moved with Apple to Reston, VA and then San Jose. I spent a few years in Houston with Compaq and then was sentenced to three years in Detroi before moving back to Northern Virginia.

What are some things Fred loves?

On a business front, I love entrepreneurship, B2B sales, high-end marketing, and personal growth topics. On the personal side, I love Philadelphia sports, sushi, rock and roll, listening to great personal development podcasts and meeting with great people. I also love my kids, my family and my significant other.