Insights for Sales Game Changers

Insights for Sales Game Changers gives experienced and new to sales professionals insights from the top sales leaders on the planet on how to grow revenue, develop deeper customer relationships, and grow your sales career.

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Insights for Sales Game Changers Book Cover

Take your sales career to the next level

Based on his over 500 interviews on the award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast, Institute for Excellence in Sales cofounder Fred Diamond finds the best tips, ideas, and recommendations for you to think about, apply, and develop to grow your sales career.

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  • Leadership for Sales Success
  • Account Planning: Your Future Self Will Thank You

  • Conversations that Create Relationships

  • Prospecting Secrets from the Pros

Study this book

  • Urgency: How to Create Truthful, Compelling Reasons to Act
  • Succeeding in Sales with Emotional Intelligence
  • Powerful Mindsets Improve Profitability
  • How to Avoid Sales Burnout

Become a richer, more innovative, and successful sales professional

Insights for Sales Game Changers is filled with fresh ideas that you must implement to have success in business to business, complex, and enterprise sales.

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Insights for Sales Game Changers

Learn from sales leaders at companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Hilton, and many others about how to grow your sales career during challenging times.

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What People Have to Say

The same creativity and smarts that birthed the Institute for Excellence In Sales can be found in the pages of this book. Fred Diamond has done a masterful job of capturing and presenting insights from dozens of Sales Game Changers, distilling them into a useful guide that professional sellers can use to continue their progress toward excellence.”

Matt McDarby,, President at United Sales Resource
Fred really hits a home run with this book. It’s filled with practical content you can actually use, in every chapter. And even better, the topics range and focus on both the mindset and skill sets needed for professional selling and effective leadership.”
Colleen Stanley, Author of Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success and Emotional Intelligence For Sales Leadership.

Fred Diamond has interviewed over 500 of the best thought leaders in sales. Then, he condensed all of that wisdom into Insights for Sales Game Changers.” This is a must-read for any sales professional looking to improve their game!

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Insights for Sales Game Changers

Whether you’ve been selling for decades or are new to the field, you’ll benefit from this book! In one of the most inspiring and thoughtful books written on sales, Fred Diamond takes you to a level most sales professionals can only dream of reaching.

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